Damn Fortune Cookie

Okay so fortune cookies are costing me money now. I went out to lunch at a Chinese restaurant with a good friend. After our meal we got the typical bill with fortune cookies. I grabbed one opened it up and what did I get? The community chest card of fortune cookies: “You should pay the bill, you are feeling generous”. Why couldn’t I have drawn the, beauty pageant one, and win fifty bucks from everyone at the table. But alas I had to be generous, I guess it worked out; I was only out to lunch with one friend, and not ten or twenty. My friend did take the fortune with him, I did warn him however, I won’t pick up the bill if “suddenly” fortune cookies appear at Bob Chins, or Wildfire.

Does Parker brothers know some guy somewhere is stealing there community chest cards and putting them on fortune cookies?!

2 Responses to “Damn Fortune Cookie”

  1. Black Knight Says:

    Hey whatever happened to mud?

  2. Taz Says:

    People killed it with their 24/7 Scripting!

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