Backpacking 101

Okay, last weekend I had my first backpacking trip. I learned a few things, that I think I should share.

  • Carrying 30 Lbs on your back dramatically affects how far you can hike.
  • Hills are harder then flat ground
  • Setting up a Tent for the first time at night, is not the best idea
  • Every Ounce matters
  • After 10 miles Legs, Hips, and Shoulders will be sore
  • Stairs are not your friend for the next few days

The trip didn’t go exactly as planned. It ended a day early, but learned a lot. The next trip will be a more reasonable distance between camp sites. Overall the trip was great, and learned a ton.

One Response to “Backpacking 101”

  1. Prisoner Says:

    Next time you need to figure out who’s going to carry the beer keg!

    Oooh Oooh and bring the bio-degradeable poo paper!!