Strip Clubs & Customer Service

It’s about 4am right now so my buzz is wearing off and I’m tired so I’m gonna make this short. How do awesome strip clubs become crappy and vice versa? I used to go to Scores and Heavenly Bodies pretty regularly and I thought I knew their levels of customer service versus cost. But the last two nights made me have to re-evaluate these two gentleman’s clubs again. I don’t want this entry to sound like a forum’s post from the SCL Website message boards but man HB has gotten rid of all of their 35+ year old strippers and sent them to Scores! All of the women at HB are perfect 10 hotties. Of course the downside to that is that they’re always busy. Bottom line, if you want to have a good time for cheap whores and booze then Heavenly Bodies is the place to go to.

8 Responses to “Strip Clubs & Customer Service”

  1. kowgod Says:

    Dude if you want to have a good time with whore’s and booze, there is an abundance of both on N. Lincoln Ave. down in my hood.

  2. Taz Says:

    Are you talking from experience or is this something you heard on the ghetto street that you live on.

  3. Lech Says:

    Hey, there’s always Rush St. 🙂

  4. kowgod Says:

    The difference being that on N. Lincoln Ave. you can get roughly 5 billion blowjobs for the price of just one on Rush St…

  5. Taz Says:

    Yeah but at least on Rush St. you can find a real pro vs Lincoln they are just trying out their newly acquired skills from reading the book “Awesome Blowjobs for Dummies”

  6. kowgod Says:

    This book exists? I have a gift card to Barnes and Noble…

  7. jiajia Says:

    Hey, I still remembered “silver bullets” days, but I am sure, the best party place is China now.

  8. Taz Says:

    ahh the chinese masseurs. They know how to get ALL the good muscles to relax.