Secondhand Citizens

So last week on the 15th, cook county no smoking ordinance went into effect. Now each individual city was allowed to override this ordinance. If the town chooses not to, it bans smoking in all public places, including work environments, restaurants, bars, and bowling alleys. As well as 15 feet of all public entrances.

As a result of this ordinance, the company I work for have installed bus stop size smoking huts. These huts are littered around the outside of the building, and are intended for the smoker to use, so he does not pollute the fresh air with their tobacco smoke. These huts are fully enclosed, and are completely transparent.

It’s a little creeping now, looking outside, seeing the fellow employee’s smoking in confining booths. It’s like they are a separate class of people now. Relegated not even to separate yet equal space. Pretty disturbing.

Of course, they ask society to pay for their lung cancer.

3 Responses to “Secondhand Citizens”

  1. predman Says:

    I just thought it was funny that your company actually built special huts for the smokers instead of moving the butt can 15 feet out, shrugging their shoulders and saying “Sucks to be you”. But then again, other companies probably don’t make back that investment after a few years. Consider it a smoke-filled piggy bank for all those willing or addicted enough to donate.

  2. Prisoner Says:

    Well Northwest Community Hospital has gone completely smoke free as of April. they claim it is due to patient complaints. ie “I am coming to the hospital for radiation to treat my lung cancer and i have to breathe the smoke in order to enter the building’ valid point I suppose. The hospital is also paying for smoking cessation treatments so I guess its not all bad. i just dont like any type of ban.

  3. illy Says:

    what about car exhaust? thats alot worse then a bit of smoke from a plant.

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