“Bomb” Scare Boston, Chicago the WORLD!

So… ATHF advertisements are threats. HILARIOUS! I figured I would make a comment about this overly publicized POS and beat the dead horse a little more. So I guess simply put it’s now illegal and federal offense of terrorism or terrorism hoax to put up a sign. They aren’t anything more than an electric sign, like a light bright. I understand the need for caution, but some of these have been up for weeks without being noticed. I’d be a little more worried if there was that much panic WEEKS after they were put up. Also, some had already gone missing and now showing up on ebay. Means people saw them, probably laughed and went about their life. Isn’t there any logic being used? Before shutting down the city of Boston and notifying the press, didn’t anyone consider actually taking a look at the “electronic device?” Guess not…

One Response to ““Bomb” Scare Boston, Chicago the WORLD!”

  1. gregh Says:

    They did look at the electronic device. They just can’t tell the difference between something that powers LED’s and a bomb.

    The problem is we have is none of our law enforcement know what a bomb looks like. Do you think Israel or Iraq police forces have this problem?! Nope, I’m sure they can smell a bomb from 100 feet away.

    I predict this trend of not being able to identify bombs will continue. As a result common every day items will need to be banned. Maybe even someday water will be banned!

    So anyone want to go see the ATHF movie?