My Dad…

My dad passed away a a few Saturdays ago. We had the funeral last weekend. His passing was expected, and came peacefully at home. The pastors that preformed the ceremony asked us to write a down a few of our fond memories of him. I’ve decided to share them here.


One of my favorite memories of my Father is a game of chess we had. My dad and I use to play chess together when I was very young. Probably too young to be playing chess, but I wanted to play with my Dad, and to play more adult games. Every game of chess we played, we played it out till my defeat was guaranteed. Then my dad and I would switch sides, and he would allow me to win. All accept one game. In one game, when he offered to switch sides, I said no. I saw a chance to win and I wanted to play it out. I did end up winning the game, and was so happy about my success. In retrospect I’m sure my Dad let me win, but it was still a great feeling as a little kid.

White Sox

My dad has always been a huge White Sox fan. When I was growing up I was never much of a sports fan, but I loved it when my Dad took me to the original Comiskey Park to watch the White Sox play. Now while there I would always hope for a home run, not for the score, but for the fireworks that would go off at Comiskey after words. My dad would spoil me by buying me hot dogs and soda, much to my Mom’s chagrin. However my favorite game was one they were giving a baseball bat for every kid who came to the game. I got the bat, and we got great seats down third base line. I don’t actually remember the game, or who the Sox played against. I do remember being with my dad, and playing with the bat for years after the game (as a lightsaber, not as a baseball bat).


Every Sunday my dad would take me, and we would have lunch with my Grandparents. The lunch was always boiled hot dogs and baked beans, and homemade cookies for dessert. While there I would thumb through my grandfathers stacks of popular mechanics and popular science magazines. Eventually my grandfather taught me how to solder and bought my first Zenith Heath Kit, a transition radio, that I put together all by myself. I shall always remember those Sundays I had with my Dad, and my grandparents.


Working for my dad was pretty much my first job. My dad would go into the office a few every Saturday to finish up work he didn’t get done during the week. He would take me along. While there I started out doing data entry for spreadsheets. Then gradually moved up to fixing computer hardware they had in the office. After that I helped out setting up new machines, installing new software, and upgrading operating systems. The opportunity fueled my interest in computers, and gave me valuable experience and confidence. On top of that it gave me spending cash.

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