Blog, … Jackass.

So fine, I’ll blog, why not.  Looks like no one has posted for a while so sure, I can use this to post something fun, insane or just rant some.  Where should I start?  Maybe discuss the obvious news items, predict future on things, comment on society, give advice or just banter on about nothing?  What is the purpose of blog, what should I be doing here, maybe pouring my heart and soul into it, discussing life with the little message block like a diary?  Oh maybe, I should regurgitate something that I read, saw or heard about?  Or maybe this is just giving me something to do while I’m bored or procrastiating something?  So where to start…  I guess this is a blog entry, about… what to blog, what a blog should be, maybe what it shouldn’t be.  Why should anyone even be reading this.  Am I just wasting my time typing away at something no one will give a shit about?  Or is there some cult following of people who wander website to website reading random blogs. 

Well with that, I will share random crap that goes through my monitor to my head.  I was bored, looked up the bio for Steve “O” from Jackass.  Interestingly enough, he is named “Steven Gilchrist Glover.”  He actually attended a University of Miami for a little bit before going to clown college.  Now the really interesting part, points to rumors that his father is actually an executive.  “Ed Glover – Director, Enterprise Security & Customer Engineering, Sun Microsystems.  He was a Senior Manager and a Regional Practice Leader for Price Waterhouse in the area of Security and Business Continuity. Prior to that, Ed was the Chief Security Officer for Del Monte Foods, a subsidiary of RJR Nabisco.” 

Not impossible, but just odd. 

But alas, who knows if this information is true, mostly derived from Wikipedia, I can’t imagine it’s 100% verified.  The little bit of additional research just points back to Wikipedia, quotes or outright steals the entry.  Interesting either way.

Now my thoughts on Jackass.  I have watched most of the Jackass crap out there.  I own the DVDs.  I somewhat enjoy it, does this make me a bad person?  Maybe I just like seeing people do things I would never consider doing.  Or the morbid curiousity of what reactions they get out of people or themselves.  Whatever reason, it’s just stupid humor.  How much is scripted?  I think a good majority for the movie, but for the most part, you give a camera, some cash and beer to some people without a care and see what comes out.

4 Responses to “Blog, … Jackass.”

  1. sacarius Says:

    a camera, some cash, and beer, oh my!

  2. Prisoner Says:

    Steve O was my hero. Now I know he’s the son of the man! Damn the man! Still…. a little bit of pot, a lot of alcohol, a friend with a super 8… A millionare make. Go figure.

  3. Taz Says:

    I like it when Mikey rants…
    Makes me feel alive!

  4. gregh Says:

    I’ve never seen Jackass. Does that make me not alive???

    I’m concerned now.