iPods for Peace.

This week the world came together and banned the sale of Apple’s iPods to North Korea. I never realized how popular they are as a commodity. I know in the US that you are not cool unless you have the stylish white ear buds going into your ears, but who knew this was a world wide thing. There hope is that this move will force the N. Korea to the bargaining table and force them to give up there nuclear program.

Maybe this will work in Iran too? Or maybe Palatine? Iraq? Afghanistan? Imagine a world of peace, with everyone having the white ear buds. We need Bill Gates, Bono, Oprah or someone to set up and implement this plan!

4 Responses to “iPods for Peace.”

  1. Moody Says:

    I’m just leaving a reply on the off chance someone recognizes me and pays me some attention for all the people who do — hi, i’m doing fine, yes i’m married now with 2 kids (assuming jet’s got about 8 by now dirk, 15?) and yes i still work in indiana and if anyone used to have my phone number from back in the day .. its still the same number. Also i’m wondering if slav finally realised his lifelong dream of pimping. Lemme know i’ll check back here and there.

  2. Lech Says:

    Peace in Palatine? Have the far northern burbs fallen into chaos or did you mean Palestine? Hehe.

    While I can see this as a small hurdle for them, if I were Kim Jong I’d be like “you deny us iPods? we have NUKES! we will NUKE your little white earbud wearing peoples! bwaahaha!”. And well, yeah, that’s about it. While it may send a small message over there, it might very well just embolden them to continue with their weapon programs just like we do with our own.

  3. Prisoner Says:


  4. Taz Says:

    more like iBomb