Shiny Nickel

Today I received a letter from the American Diabetes Association. The letter proudly proclaimed that it contained a nickel and showed the new shiny nickel in the envelopes address window. My first thought was someone should inform the ADA that should not send cash through the mail. Quickly followed by the thought maybe they believe I have diabetes and this is there support they are offering to sufferers of diabetes.

Upon opening the envelope and reading the accompanying letter, I discovered that a mere nickel is spend on Diabetes research per American per week (Math: .05 * 52 * 300 mil = 780 mil). Apparently the ADA thinks 780 mil is too much, since they are sending out nickels to people. On the other hand, maybe it is some new accounting rule or a way to embezzle money out of the non-for-profit organization (1 nickel at a time!). Either way it is silly. Stop wasting postage on sending a nickel. Keep the nickel in your coffers.

Now the question is, if I mail back the nickel can I claim the nickel as a tax deductible donation?

4 Responses to “Shiny Nickel”

  1. k Says:

    gifts or donations, as far as I know, are not tax deductible in your personal tax bracket. Companies can deduct taxes on gifts and donnations but the rules and % deductible varies country boy country. From the whole nickle idea I presume that you are in the USA;therefore you would have to look up the US tax rules.

  2. Sacarius Says:

    I knew something like this was going to happen when Robin of Locksley was chosen to head the ADA!

  3. pred Says:

    I got that too, a nickel and an envelope to send more than that back. At first I was excited cause I thought it might be a special nickel… but it was just a boring 1992 one or something.

    You gotta wonder about the guy who came up with that idea tho. He put his neck on the line and was so sure it would work better than just sending a cute baby picture and a sad story. So if we don’t receive anymore coins in the mail, we know it didn’t work and he was probably fired for losing money instead of raising it. I’m a nice guy, so I’m hoping he still works there. 🙂