300 Million and Counting

The United States passed 300 million people today. So what does this mean?
To a Senior Citizen it means more people paying into Social Security.
To a Capitalist it means more people to buy their goods.
To an Environmentalist it means increased urban sprawl.
To an Animal it means shrinking habitat.
To a Politician it means more voters he has to placate.
To a Priest it means more people to hear him preach.
To a gamer it means more people to frag.
To an extravert more people to make friends.

To me, more people to meet.

2 Responses to “300 Million and Counting”

  1. Taz Says:

    Does that mean I can go on a killing spree to lower the population?

    I’m sure other news sources have already mentioned the “Debate over illegal immigrants dampens historical moment”.


    but just in case you missed it….here you go.

  2. gregh Says:

    It depends, who would you plan on killing in your killing spree?