Still seven minutes to midnight.

On Columbus Day, N. Korea has proven it is now a member of the “we got nukes” club. Remarkably little has changed. People still went to work (well those who didn’t have holiday), financial markets didn’t crash, and the US still refuses to meet with N. Korea one-on-one. The only change is China now appears open to UN Sanctions against N. Korea. It appears that investors around the world are not fazed by this development. I guess no one fears nuclear annihilation today. Here I was ready to start investing in companies that make fallout shelters in S. Korea, Japan, and San Francisco.

The only change I foresee is the political rhetoric from each party will focus on this development for the Mid-Term elections.

2 Responses to “Still seven minutes to midnight.”

  1. pred Says:

    I don’t think both parties will try to focus on this development… One will try to say the sky is falling, and the other will change the subject to record highs on the dow jones. Except for those defense companies, it’s a pretty paradoxical combo.

  2. olga trilova Says:

    It would be nice to see more of this.