Fortune Cookie Problem

Okay so last weekend we ordered 8 lbs of take-out Chinese.
We got eight fortune cookies.
I ate all eight fortune cookies (over the course of 2 days).
Do all the fortunes apply to me?
Do they cancel each other out?
Does anyone have a magic eight ball to answer these pressing questions!?

3 Responses to “Fortune Cookie Problem”

  1. Taz Says:

    Ok. I only have two questions.

    1. Why did you and Ed ONLY order 8lbs of chinese food?

    2. Why did it take YOU 2 days instead of 1 day to eat 8 fortune cookies?

  2. Vik Says:

    Well I dunno about the fortunes, but I think “8” is your lucky number (8 lbs of food, 8 cookies, magic 8 ball)

  3. Sacarius Says:

    Lets just say you have a heck of a future ahead of you Greg. 😉