Recently I biked down and watched a little bit of the Chicago Air and Water show. While there I got see four helicopters perform air acrobatics that I didn’t think helicopters could do while remaining airborne. Saw a group of paratroopers dancing in the sky. Lastly I heard, felt, and saw the F-18 Blue Angles screaming overhead. I cheered on the streaking fighter jets. It flooded back memories of my childhood. Living near an airbase our games of basketball/software/tag/whatever were always interrupted by a sonic boom. The kids on the block would stop whatever we were playing and scan the sky for the jet, pointing wildly after we spotted it.

On the ride back I began thinking a lot of people do not share this reaction to a screaming jet fighter. (Note: The Air and Water show took place during the whole Hezbollah/Israeli conflict). I’m sure the sound of the sonic boom causes many people to run, and hope that their loved ones are all right. Then after the stillness returns to peek out and see if their world has changed.

Now this thought has not ruined Air Shows for me. I’ll still be amazed by the pilot’s skill, and engineering of the aircraft. I can wait to see the F-22 or F-35, but when I do the image will be tempered with the knowledge that somewhere civilians maybe running from these aircraft.

One Response to “BOOOM!”

  1. Prisoner Says:

    Sadly sobering when you think about how your childhood memories while mechanically are the same as another’s can bring joy and wonder to yourself and fear and loss to another…