War was great, lets do it again next week!

So Israel and Hezbollah now have a cease-fire. No one is optimistic that the cease-fire will last, and the hostilities will explode in the future. It’s weird, but everyone seems to be saying they won this war. Hezbollah’s leader is saying he won basically because he isn’t dead. Syria and Iran are being cheerleaders and saying Hezbollah won. Israel is saying they won by crippling Hezbollah and preventing the Hezbollah state within Lebanon state from continue to exist. While the US is cheering that Hezbollah lost, and we won for brokering a cease-fire. Whatever happened to the original cause of this dispute? Has Shebaa Farms changed hands? What happened to the kidnapped Israeli solders? All that seams to be clear is several thousand people died, and countless homes were destroyed. But hey, at least everyone was a winner.

All of this just reminds of Civilizations. Now my years of Civilizations playing has taught me how Lebanon can solve their Shebaa Farms problem. Lebanon should focus on culture building and try expanding their culture to get the Shebaa Farms. Maybe work on getting a great artist to be born, and performing a great work of art in Shebaa. Lebanon better start moving on the culture plan, because the game ends in 44 turns, unless they choose to play one more turn.

2 Responses to “War was great, lets do it again next week!”

  1. Prisoner Says:

    The only problem is Lebanon needs more religions. And without any wonders to help generate great artists its going to be hard. I wonder…. Is a suicide bomber a great person or a missionary?

  2. gregh Says:

    Lebanon already has tons of relgions. They have three diferent types of Islam, Druze, four plus types of Cristianity, but they aren’t the founders :(.

    I would say the suicide bomber is a spy, I think that is the best analogy. I don’t think missionaries blow themselves up to spread their religion. At best suicide bombers try and kill people of other religion.