I think I may losing your mind

I have recently been drifting in and out of what most people would consider to be rational thought. After having resurected my iPod using the “Drop and Pray” method I found myself listening to my whole playlist on random. This is an activity I highly discourage. Especially all of you out there who think reality is a Hoopy place to be. The opening cords were not familiar to me so I glanced at my much abused screen. I caught the name of the track and had what I can only describe as a temporary detatchment of my cerebral cortex. It turns out that I was listening to the MI2 sountrack. The specific track was named “Nyah” pronounced Nye-Ah. However I read this as Niii-ya (imagine a Pirate going nya-nya-nya) I found this so odd and amusing that I rather loudly repeated the word outloud as I heard it in my head. On a side note this all occured during my break at work and I had been sitting in the Hospital Cafeteria. Needless to say my sudden outburst caused a few heads to turn. As soon as I finished my outbusrt I realized the proper pronunciation of said song title. This then stuck me as incredibly amusing and I began to laugh at myself muttering Nyah (improperly pronounced) in between my bouts of laughter. I don’t think that it comes as a surprise that even more heads were turning a this point.

So I have come to ask myself why my mind seems to go on brief holidays and I have come to the conclusion that I am borrowing my sanity from some source. Or perhaps it is a time-share.  I am not entirely sure. All I know is that my credit seems to be running thin at the mind-bank. Come to think of it wasnt “Overdrawn at the Memory Bank” a really bad Sci-Fi movie with Raul Julia in it? Spending time as a fox as punishment for a crime must be strange. But then I would know if I was a dog or a cat. What the hell are foxes?!?! Hmm I think I am done imitating Chef Brian for a while. Back to floating around in a man made lake with a cooler of beer on a liferaft I suppose.

2 Responses to “I think I may losing your mind”

  1. gregh Says:

    Do you think you and George Bush were borrowing sanity from the same place?