The Desert May Claim One Yet

I hope Matt and Greg are doing well after the big trip to the desert… I certainly am not.

After getting back from Death Valley on Sunday, I had been wiped out every day by early evening. Both Monday and Tuesday I came straight home from work to go to bed. On Tuesday, shortly after going to sleep I woke up in absolute agony, unable to breathe properly and with a fever of about 104.3. Unable to get out of bed, unable to eat and with barely anything to drink, I laid in bed, delerious, until just a few minutes ago — Midnight, Wednesday.

For a while, I thought I was back in the desert, laying in the tent, thinking how hot it was and how I would never get to sleep. At one point I actually sat up in bed and was very confused, thinking I must be in a motel room, or something. As I drifted in and out of sleep, I went between being in the desert, to being in a house I lived in 10+ years ago, to being some sort of general contractor or something building cookie cutter sub-divisions outside of Las Vegas (don’t ask). But at no point did I actually realize that I was at home, in bed, in my bedroom.

So now, nearly 30 hours later, with no food and just a few ounces of water, I am still in agony with a slightly reduced fever of about 102. I have no idea what this could be, but I hope to get in to see a doctor tomorrow. I just can’t help but think this is somehow related to the trip. Death Valley just made my shitlist.

6 Responses to “The Desert May Claim One Yet”

  1. gregh Says:

    Maybe I spoke to soon about no one dieing…

    Get better.

  2. akuma Says:

    Get some rest… fluids… hope you fell better…

  3. kowgod Says:

    Just got back from the doctor. Umm. Not encouraging? Dunno. I had blood in my ears, nose and throat, as well as fluid in my chest. The doctor basically scratched his head a bunch and said “Let me check THIS… hmm. nope. How about THIS…. hmmm. nope.”

    Finally they took some blood samples and prescribed me the like $40/pill Tamiflu for influenza B, as well as some azythromyicin, which should be fun because it covers like 40 different major strains of bacterial infection and is so strong you only take it for like 5 days.

    They are going to do the blood work and let me know if I’ve died yet.

    I doubt I’ll be out for Memorial Day.

    Poor some fo’ties on the curb for a brotha.

    Oh yeah! But on the plus side, I’ve lost 14 pounds… the longer the better, right?

  4. pred Says:

    I’m not claiming this will help at all, but I was reminded of it when you mentioned your own bacterial colony…

    I recently learned a specific detail about how vitamin C helps your renal system. So it’s also known as ascorbic acid, and if you consume lots of it, the excess over what your body needs gets filtered out into your pee and no harm done. That much we’ve known for a long time, what I’d call pretty common knowledge. But the part I learned most recently was that because of its acidity, it helps inhibit bacterial growth in your bladder and the urinary tract downstream from there. So it’s got antioxidant and anti urinary tract infection powers… Make that next drink a screwdriver.

    I didn’t get the part about longer and better relating to weight loss… I hope you start feeling better soon tho. We’ll refer to this period as your Hunter S. Thompson episode.

  5. kowgod Says:

    When I die, please shoot my ashes out of a cannon. Or now. Whenever. I don’t think I’ll know the difference.

  6. Taz Says:

    When Pete dies, I am going to dance on his grave for stupidly trying the “Death Valley” fad diet. That shit never works. That’s all water weight you’re losing dumbass!

    Dibs on his laptop.