Death Valley or BUST!

Tomorrow two friends and I are leaving on a nearly 2000-mile journey across the US. We are heading for the lowest, and hottest place in the United States. Death Valley. We are taking a week off work and exploring this harsh environment. Maybe we will stumble upon some snakes, scorpions, or sheep. We plan on hiking to the tops of a few peaks, getting lost in a few valleys, biking around the park, climbing sand dunes and sleeping under the stars. It will be a week of no technology (minus the car, gps, digital cameras, laptop, ipods and cell phones), a week of eating freeze-dried food, and a week of the great outdoors.

I can’t wait.

5 Responses to “Death Valley or BUST!”

  1. pred Says:

    That sounds like a really fun trip. I hope you guys have an awesome time… Bring blankets and take pictures of the native life forms there – bonus points if they’re cooked.

    Maybe a good time to test whether gatorade or water works better?

  2. akuma Says:

    It’s going to be pretty hot, but it should be a lot of fun. Drive safely.

  3. lech Says:

    Follow-up posting with photos? 🙂

  4. kowgod Says:

    Sorry, there will be no follow-up, as we all died on the trip.

  5. Taz Says:

    Yay. Finally my dream is realized!