Ways of the Anti-Social Hermit

I know once in a while we like to keep to ourselves. Sure we have a busy work/school week interacting with others and being social so its okay for us to want to take a night off from people we don’t know. Yes, it does require us to put on a social face to be out of our comfort zone. To act a certain way, to keep our comments tasteful, and in general pretend to be that “normal” person society thinks we should be. All this so that others may want to stick around and become friends with us. Maybe even find that special someone you can spend the rest of your life with, Man or Woman. Then maybe one day, after we get to that level of comfort, show them our true selves. A sick, twisted, disgusting, grotestic, pesimistic, unhappy, hateful, gross, and overall a disturbed individual. So why even bother putting up with this? Why should I even care whether. I have friends and family who I can talk to. Friends come and go and lets face it. Family may not be around all the time seeing as our lifespan is 100 years or so. Sometimes families send their old folks to a retirement home early just so they don’t have to deal with “Grandpa”.

In life, there are two certainties: Death and Taxes. The closer you get to death the more you ache to be surounded by people you can call friends and your family. People you have known for years since you started to hang out in High School, College or even Work. Not that you can’t make new friends in a Nursing home but if you’re set in your ways of staying home more than trying to be social. You are on your way to spending your remaining years ALONE with a nurse being the closest thing to a piece of ass. Life can be filled with regrets. I myself, already regret not being more social in high school. I am not saying I am the most social guy you can meet. I sometimes enjoy a night of vegging out watching tv or playing computer games online. But now, I know that I can’t spend my life being anti-social I need to try to go out to meet new people. So that one day, when I do meet that one female that complements me and we can spend the rest of my lives togther NOT BEING ALONE and I can write my own happy ending.

4 Responses to “Ways of the Anti-Social Hermit”

  1. gregh Says:

    The future looks bleak, I must somehow change my ways.

  2. kowgod Says:

    Drink more. A lot more.

  3. gregh Says:

    That’s your answer for everything!

  4. kowgod Says:

    And look where it’s gotten me in life!