$3.44 per hour!

Last week I had the experience of deciding if an insurance company needed to pay a claim on damages to a rental property. I was on a team of 12 people to decide if the insurance company breached their contract. Out of approximately 40 people I was one of the lucky 12 to serve on a Jury.

My stint on jury duty lasted 4 days, the first day was jury selection. The next two days were the lawyers calling witness, and the last day was jury deliberation. When you serve on a jury, do not expect courtroom drama. The lawyers for both the plaintiff and defense made a lot of mistakes to the point where the judge was getting frustrated with the lawyer’s mistakes. Jury deliberation was an experience, be warned tempers can easily flair during deliberation. My advice is just state why you believe it should be for the plaintiff or defense, and talk to the case out.

After we reached a verdict, the judge thanked us for our service and commented about how great we were for not avoiding jury duty. The funny thing was, the primary topic of conversation (outside of deliberation) is what we can say next time, to avoid getting on another jury. When you get called in for jury duty, don’t avoid it, don’t lie to get out of it. It’s an experience, it can sacrifice of time, and make it hard to juggle work, but worth doing if you can.

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