Their last day…

Earlier I mentioned the layoff’s last month. Well today is the laid off employee’s last day. It’s very odd walking around the office today, you see so many bare cubes. But pretty much everyone’s reaction is exactly the opposite of what you would expect. The laid off employees are skipping around the office, they are all smiles, and are in jeans. Almost all of the laid off employees have new job lined up. Most are starting them in a month, and enjoying their severance for month paid vacation before starting the next job. Others are taking their severance and going on extended vacation, before looking for a new job.

Those that are staying are slogging through the halls, trying to conceive how to complete their current projects. I’ve already been asked to help out on two other projects that have lost their resources due to the layoffs. Several employees that survived the layoffs are now wishing they didn’t. Of those developers that survived, several have found new jobs, and quit. I think the laid off employees are walking around in jeans to rub it in.

2 Responses to “Their last day…”

  1. Taz Says:

    Sounds to me like someone is JEALOUS…

  2. akuma Says:

    Mmm… maybe not to rub into to your faces but… to the PTB’s…

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