The “sweet kiss on the face” right before the “swift kick in the nuts”!!

On Monday (April 3), my bus company was purchased by another company. With this purchase, we got a new name. The new head honchos were nice enough to hold a luncheon (which I overslept for, but I heard it was real good food) for all the drivers to answer any and all questions on the change. On top of that we all got a nice new lunch bag full of goodies along with some reading material. Included in the bag was a travel mug, a real nice looking watch (leather wristband and dashes on the face, looks real classy), two led lite key chains, a ledger with a pen, a pin and two stickers. All of course with the new company name on them. Now, I’m thinking “Man, this stuff is all sweet. Free stuff AND free food. Can it GET any better than this?”

After reading the new employee handbook I learn of the trick that was played on us. New polices that will take effect next semester. Which I’m not even sure if they mean Summer or Fall since we still have full bus service in Summer session II. The polices include but not limited to, uniforms for the bus drivers, random drug-testing, and full physicals for drivers. Also there is a rumor of a “small” pay cut which is prolly less rumor and more fact since the people spreading it are management.

These changes just make me say one thing,

“F*CK YOU ****** Transportation!!” I am SO glad that I’m only here for another semester.

3 Responses to “The “sweet kiss on the face” right before the “swift kick in the nuts”!!”

  1. gregh Says:

    You and your fellow bus drivers, should form a union!

  2. Taz Says:

    Can’t do that because then we’ll get yelled at by Jan Levinson-Gould from corporate.

  3. kowgod Says:

    Fuck that bitch with a broken champagne bottle.

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