The day the layoffs hit…

Yesterday my company laid off roughly 10 % of its overall system’s employee’s. We were warned of the upcoming layoffs to our department on Tuesday morning. On Wednesday morning they started pulling employee’s into conference rooms. As they day dragged on, more and more cubes started to become empty, while the grapevine list of laid off employees grew. Everyone’s feelings at the office were numb. We were loosing friends and co-workers. We all tried focusing on the severance package, and that job market being much better now then a few years ago.

By lunchtime, it became apparent which jobs they were targeting. Developers. Having realized this, I figured my time was soon at hand. In the late afternoon I was called into my managers office, and I was told I would be keeping my job. To my surprise, I survived this round of layoffs. When it was over, only myself and another developer survived. All other developers in our building were laid off.

The age of outsourcing has finally come to my company. Everyone is now expecting the company to announce which outsourcing company we will be contracting. My future is still uncertain. I don’t know what my role will be, I don’t know if I will be offered a job with the new outsourcing company, I don’t know if there will be another round of layoff’s and I’ll be cut then.

In many ways I am envious of those who got laid off, their uncertainty is over. Now those who got laid off get to hunt for a new job, with a fairly decent severance package. I survived this round, now I am left with a choice I always had, do I ride it out? Or do I look to see what opportunities lay elsewhere?

6 Responses to “The day the layoffs hit…”

  1. akuma Says:

    Dude that sucks. Are you thinking about looking for another job while at ############? Did they give any indication on the direction of your dept?

  2. pred Says:

    This might be the indication of the direction the department is heading… It’s like the PHB’s went around teabagging everyone, but they stopped short of actually dipping in your cup, saving you from the taste and extra embarassment but not from that lingering unpleasant smell of nut butter or sympathy for your buddies who did get sacced. It sucks for everybody… But ask one of the bulk of the former department if they’d rather be where they are right now or still at work for another 9 months to plan their escape. Yeah, both situations suck… but one’s a little better.

    I’d start looking for where the grass is greener.

  3. gregh Says:

    Right now I’m going to wait and see what I am going to do in my job. I should find out in a few weeks. If I don’t like it, I’ll start looking for a new position.

  4. kowgod Says:

    Fuck looking for a new job, I think we should get the ball rolling on late night brainstorming sessions! YEAH! Let us be the ones who become the MANS!

    Dig it? Righteous.

  5. tazbootch Says:

    We should start our own little software company and become your company’s outsourcing developers. Then after a few years we can threaten to lay you off!