We are #1!!!

Men’s Fitness announced Chicago as #1 “fattest” city in the United States. Now how they generate this list, can be debated, but outside of asking everyone who lives in the city to record how over/under weight they are…its as good a method as any. Although measuring the number of Pizza Parlors in a city, seems like an odd stat to track and factor in.

So lets keep Chicago #1, everyone grab another slice of deep dish pizza!

Men’s Fitness Article

8 Responses to “We are #1!!!”

  1. Taz Says:

    This is old news! Where have you been? Buried in a sandpit or something?

  2. kowgod Says:

    Yeah, but where does Chicago rank in terms of average dick size? I know I’ve helped kick us up a few points…

  3. fooichi Says:

    heh nice

  4. gregh Says:

    Well I tried to google for larges penis size by city, but could find any info. If we could get our hands on sales data of condoms, broken down by size and region, we could build a rough list.

  5. kowgod Says:

    I don’t think we have to go through all that trouble. I think we could get a fairly accurate representation by simply interviewing men on the street.

  6. gregh Says:

    Why make it that complicated. Lets create a website where we ask the user where they live, and then their penis size.

  7. kowgod Says:

    You can make the demonstration flash video.

  8. Taz Says:

    why does it have to be a flash video? you can make a little mini documentary on tiny penis’. oh wait, that’s been done already.