Misconceptions of Egypt

Having recently got back from traveling to Egypt. I thought I would try and clear everything up about these misconceptions, so no one else is caught off guard. First off, their are no mummies chasing after American’s. I did find mummies, but they were long dead, and were not moving. Second, there were no curses. I went into several tombs (including Tut’s) and no one got turned into a duck. Third, Egyptians people walk like everyone else, I was sad when I discovered this one. Fourth, NONE of the pyramids I went into had inclinators, nor contained casinos. Although some pyramids did have casinos near by. Fifth, the sphinx no long has a nose (Thanks Napoleon!), the eye does not blink, it lost its beard (it’s in the British museum) and is not located in Luxor, but near Cairo. Luxor did have a street lined with sphinxes, but most are gone, and are a lot smaller.

Hope that clears everything up!

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