This tastes like PBR

Pete: So, you know how we have qwerty keyboards, right? Well —

Dan: Qwerty?

P: Qwerty.

D: What?

P (Pointing frantically at the keyboard): Q-W-E-R-T-Y

D: Oh! I’ve never heard them called that before…

I need a beer.

5 Responses to “This tastes like PBR”

  1. gregh Says:

    I think we will need a new category “dan moments”

    Speaking of keyboards, any ever tried a Dvorak keyboard?

  2. akuma Says:

    Yeah I’ve tried it.. its good and bad… if you code in vim a lot, its annoying as heck because the key locations are different.. (also annoying for password key combos that you’re used to).. but.. on the other hand.. it was interesting as i was able to tyep reasonably quickly in a few days. I went back to qwerty style lay out, becuase i couldn’t deal with :wq and such not being where i remembered it being.. but.. from what i’ve read.. its supposed to put less strain on your hands as you type..

    One other problem is if you ever use someone else’s computer, you’d have to go back to qwerty style keystroking…

  3. kowgod Says:

    I’ve used a dvorak before. It sucked harder than a prison bitch with a shiv in his ear.

    As for the topic of this post:

    Dan (holding a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer): Wow, this tastes just like PBR!

  4. gregh Says:

    Yeah, I never considered that with dvorak keyboards, but all the standard hot keys would be messed up (ctl-x, ctl-c, etc), quake, and the rest. You would think vi, someone woudl have made new keymaps for a dvorak board.

  5. slav Says:

    make a dan category!