As Greg mentioned already, a few of us attented an interesting symposium over the weekend. Of the many topics covered, I was particularly fascinated by a presentation made by the Milosovich Brothers of the Boiled Wieners research group from Toronto.

It seems the Milosoviches are from the former breakaway republic of Vladigascar, which I can’t seem to locate on any of my maps, and can only assume was absorbed by another, larger republic during the tumult of the early 90’s. Presumably, because of the persecution these scientists faced in their homeland, they emigrated to Toronto where they were free to perform their research in relative peace.

At the symposium, the brothers presented the findings of their latest study, which quite frankly I find to be rather astonishing. According to the team, a whopping 60% of all Torontoans are homosexual or transgender!

At first I was rather skeptical, but throughout their presentation they presented irrefutable evidence of their hypothesis. Now, clearly, you might be having a hard time believing this as well, so I invite you to listen to a recording of the actual presentation or watch as Goran attempts to deliver his findings to a group of childish, snickering, and clearly gay Torontoans (just a tip: it is very rude to openly laugh at a scientist’s presentation, regardless of whether or not you agree with his or her findings. For shame, Toronto!).

(Let me point out that the Brothers Milosovich believe that science should be accessible to the lay person rather than boring and unappealing, and they do so by setting their findings to music.)

I will try to keep you updated on these findings, and will post back here as results from other research projects on the matter become available. Clearly a fascinating development in Canadian culture.

2 Responses to “Statistics”

  1. gregh Says:

    It is a sad day when scientists cannot present their views without being ridiculed. The way to counter the scientist argument is not by shouting over them, nor by sticking your fingers in your hears and shouting “la-la-la”. The way to counter their argument is to find facts which disprove their theories.

  2. amir Says:

    i love sex