Sketchfest: No coffin boffin

A bunch of us got together this weekend, and experienced the Chicago Sketchfest 2006. We saw a total of six groups for the night and they ranged in sketches form Arnold Schwarzenegger giving Public Service Announcements, the hypocrisy of Doctor Laura, tea-bagging dead girls, and so many more. The entire sketchfest runs over two weeks, has over 800 performers, and is a great time. The Chicago Sketchfest is a great opportunity to see tons of groups from around the country. The only downside is that beers cost $7, and mixed drinks cost $8, so if you have a flask you may want to bring it.

Sketchfest is still open for one more week, go check it out Sketchfest.

2 Responses to “Sketchfest: No coffin boffin”

  1. kowgod Says:

    So many hot chicks. Even the dudes looked pretty. wtf? Stop fucking the corpses, indeed.

  2. gregh Says:

    Of all the shows I saw, I thought I’d pass on my recommendations:

    Highly Recommend:
    Big News
    Brave New Workshop
    Slow Children at Play
    Boiled Wieners

    Knock Knock (Who’s There?)
    OneTwoThree Comedy
    Harvard Sailing Team

    Do not go see:
    Friends with Benefits