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If you believe in God then you must be dumb!

Friday, June 13th, 2008

So today on Telegraph, “Britain’s No.1 quality newspaper website” they had an article called “Intelligent people ‘less likely to believe in God'” . After reading this narrow minded, egotistical view of the world and its inhabitants, I can’t help but feel insulted. Believing in God has influenced my life because it was how I was raised and has helped me structure my value system and helps direct my morale compass. People are raised in different ways and are directed towards a certain way of thinking mainly because, at the time, we don’t know any better. Must be another idiot!

As adults, we can CHOOSE to continue to believe in God or not. I personally still use the lessons taught by the bible from when I was growing up and morales conveyed through sermons of the priests at mass whenever I occasionally go to church. I am not a BLIND believer and I will question things that I’m told to follow blindingly. That shouldn’t reflect on how intelligent I am or effects on how high my IQ is. I think that the Professor Richard Lynn of that university should be careful about simplifying his research like that. It makes him seem unintelligent.