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Apple iPhone: WHAT THE HELL?!

Friday, June 29th, 2007

Okay. The Apple iPhone is being released today at 6 pm. YESTERDAY I saw people waiting in line to get there chance to purchase an iPhone, more then 24 hours earlier then the release date. The iPhone is a 500 to 600 dollar phone, plus a minimum 2 year contract of 60 dollars a month. How the hell can people afford to skip work, and wait in line for this phone? On top of it, Apple/AT&T has not announced how many iPhones are available at each store. So who knows if you are waiting in line in vain or not?

I understand people waiting in line for a movie. If you don’t have a job, nothing better today, I can see waiting in line and paying 10 dollars for a movie. I can see waiting in line for a video game console. That brings countless hours of entertainment, and if you want to turn a quick buck, sell it on eBay the day of the release, and get back over two to three times the amount you spent on the gaming system. But it’s a phone! It may be a unique phone, but it is still just a phone. On top of it, the sales goals Apple is putting out for this phone, it doesn’t sound like you would have to wait long to pick one up, even if they did sell out tonight.

What I took away from this iPhone launch is that I should have invested in AT&T and Apple 6 months ago.