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Backpacking 101

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

Okay, last weekend I had my first backpacking trip. I learned a few things, that I think I should share.

  • Carrying 30 Lbs on your back dramatically affects how far you can hike.
  • Hills are harder then flat ground
  • Setting up a Tent for the first time at night, is not the best idea
  • Every Ounce matters
  • After 10 miles Legs, Hips, and Shoulders will be sore
  • Stairs are not your friend for the next few days

The trip didn’t go exactly as planned. It ended a day early, but learned a lot. The next trip will be a more reasonable distance between camp sites. Overall the trip was great, and learned a ton.

Bee Rapture!

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

The rapture has happened! The only creature holy enough to get collected were BEE’s! Bee’s have disappeared across planet. Granted some Bee’s were sinfully enough to suffer down here on earth with the rest of the sinners. So we are not totally screwed. Outside of the metaphysical questions (Why only bee’s? What have we done to piss off god? What about birds? etc), how will this affect us? Well the immediate effect is higher honey prices. Longer term, any plants that rely on bees to pollinate are going to be in short supply.

In all seriousness, its not unheard of for a bee colony to just get abandon, but as far as science knows, it’s never happened on this scale before. The Bee disappearance first noticed in North America, but now looks like Europe is see similar colony collapses, and it may also be happening in Brazil. Pretty wild stuff, no one knows why it’s happening, theories are wide ranging, but no reason has been found. Outside of the Bee Rapture of course.