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Too old to be cool too young to be Retro

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

Frankly the title says it all. Let me relate to you all (the three people that read this) my little story of self awareness. There are teenagers alive today who have never heard of the Beetles. Okay, so its not a story. But its the truth. Now I am no classic rock pushing lunatic but come on… the Beetles man… Never even heard of them? I have always figured the Beetles fell into the same category as Shakespeare. You may not have ever read him but you sure as hell know who he is. It nearly as disturbing to me as way back in the nineties when there were 14 year old girls upset that I ruined the ending of titanic for them by telling them the ship sunk.

Not that I am comparing historical ignorance to the knowledge of a rock group but the impact of learning of said ignorance is similar. It may be time for Bowling for Soup to do a follow-up song called 1995. It could be all about me. When DID Nirvana become classic rock? Maybe its the Fatherhood venom rushing through my veins but I have a strange urge to sit Brodie down and tell him about the good old days when Transformers were metal and there was nothing cooler than a talking car with a swooshy light in its grill. There are children out there who think that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a cheap american ripoff of an Anime.

So what’s my point? I guess there is none but damnit I want to be retro! When I tell highschoolers that I saw Nirvana live they ask me where my walker is. I am definately not even close to being old. I think kids have just lost there generational depth. there I’ve said it. Teh inturweb has removed the need for adults to bore their children with tales of days long gone and therefore stopped the flow of wonderful Americana. So here I am protesting this by blogging….. yeah I’m done.