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$3.44 per hour!

Wednesday, April 26th, 2006

Last week I had the experience of deciding if an insurance company needed to pay a claim on damages to a rental property. I was on a team of 12 people to decide if the insurance company breached their contract. Out of approximately 40 people I was one of the lucky 12 to serve on a Jury.

My stint on jury duty lasted 4 days, the first day was jury selection. The next two days were the lawyers calling witness, and the last day was jury deliberation. When you serve on a jury, do not expect courtroom drama. The lawyers for both the plaintiff and defense made a lot of mistakes to the point where the judge was getting frustrated with the lawyer’s mistakes. Jury deliberation was an experience, be warned tempers can easily flair during deliberation. My advice is just state why you believe it should be for the plaintiff or defense, and talk to the case out.

After we reached a verdict, the judge thanked us for our service and commented about how great we were for not avoiding jury duty. The funny thing was, the primary topic of conversation (outside of deliberation) is what we can say next time, to avoid getting on another jury. When you get called in for jury duty, don’t avoid it, don’t lie to get out of it. It’s an experience, it can sacrifice of time, and make it hard to juggle work, but worth doing if you can.

On the record

Wednesday, April 19th, 2006

With 0% of precincts reporting, Pete Fuller is able to declare Al Gore as the next President of the United States. Congratulations to him and his running mate, the next Vice President of the United States, Hillary Clinton.

You saw it here first…

Their last day…

Friday, April 14th, 2006

Earlier I mentioned the layoff’s last month. Well today is the laid off employee’s last day. It’s very odd walking around the office today, you see so many bare cubes. But pretty much everyone’s reaction is exactly the opposite of what you would expect. The laid off employees are skipping around the office, they are all smiles, and are in jeans. Almost all of the laid off employees have new job lined up. Most are starting them in a month, and enjoying their severance for month paid vacation before starting the next job. Others are taking their severance and going on extended vacation, before looking for a new job.

Those that are staying are slogging through the halls, trying to conceive how to complete their current projects. I’ve already been asked to help out on two other projects that have lost their resources due to the layoffs. Several employees that survived the layoffs are now wishing they didn’t. Of those developers that survived, several have found new jobs, and quit. I think the laid off employees are walking around in jeans to rub it in.

The “sweet kiss on the face” right before the “swift kick in the nuts”!!

Wednesday, April 5th, 2006

On Monday (April 3), my bus company was purchased by another company. With this purchase, we got a new name. The new head honchos were nice enough to hold a luncheon (which I overslept for, but I heard it was real good food) for all the drivers to answer any and all questions on the change. On top of that we all got a nice new lunch bag full of goodies along with some reading material. Included in the bag was a travel mug, a real nice looking watch (leather wristband and dashes on the face, looks real classy), two led lite key chains, a ledger with a pen, a pin and two stickers. All of course with the new company name on them. Now, I’m thinking “Man, this stuff is all sweet. Free stuff AND free food. Can it GET any better than this?”

After reading the new employee handbook I learn of the trick that was played on us. New polices that will take effect next semester. Which I’m not even sure if they mean Summer or Fall since we still have full bus service in Summer session II. The polices include but not limited to, uniforms for the bus drivers, random drug-testing, and full physicals for drivers. Also there is a rumor of a “small” pay cut which is prolly less rumor and more fact since the people spreading it are management.

These changes just make me say one thing,

“F*CK YOU ****** Transportation!!” I am SO glad that I’m only here for another semester.