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A new year dawning…

Monday, January 2nd, 2006

I know some of you are thinking to yourselves, “What the fuck is Pete doing now?”

You probably see no point in blogging, have no interest in the minutiae of my day to day life, or in general just hate the word “blog.” I do too, as I typically do of most buzzwords and trends. But, somehow, this one is different. I have become a blog addict.

Between the political blogs (of course), the technology blogs, the random bookmark blogs, and of course, myspace, friendster and the blogs of various other people, I spend about 20 hours a week just reading other people’s life stories.

Naturally, this has led me to dabble here and there with blogging on my own. After many fits and starts, I finally got into it with the whole myspace thing, but the kiddie vibe it has going on, combined with the fact that it is owned by Fox, has really turned me off to it in the past few months. I looked into Blogspot and Typepad and whatnot, but it kept coming back to a desire to have complete control over the whole production, which naturally led to creating my own.