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Canon Camera’s Suck

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

I purchased a Canon A620 camera for my Egypt trip. I played around with it for a few weeks before the trip. The camera worked great. Took excellent pictures, small enough to carry around, and didn’t have any complaints. When I got to Egypt, everything was going great. Taking the pictures of the prymids, camels, guys with machine guns, the usual.

Then the camera broke. Not even halfway through the trip and the camera breaks. While I was carrying the camera in my pocket, the camera turned on. When I got the camera out of my pocket, the lens was stuck halfway out of the camera. The camera refused to work after that, and would only show an error message of “E18”. Googling this error, and you will find tons of irate consumers complaining about this error. Most of the sites offer suggestions on fixing the error, by “gently” forcing the lens back in place.

I reluctently sent the camera back to canon for repair. My camera (not even a month old) was still under the 1 year warrenty, so it only cost me 7 bucks for shipping. They took about a week to repair it, I had my fixed camera back in my hands about a week and half after I shipped it. If the camera was out of warrenty, it would have cost me around 250 to get it repaired.

Lessons learned from this experience is that the Canon Camera’s take great pictures, but are not rugged. They cannot be counted out in any sort of outside enironments, if you take one of their cameras on vaction, make sure you have another camera to use, just in case. If you are looking at buying a canon camera, google it first. Check to see if it is susecptable to the “E18” error.

“Don’t turn your computer on Bill – that guy can look into it”

Friday, July 18th, 2008

Ubuntu LogoWhy is it some people are still ignorant when it comes to computers? Aren’t we past the point where computers are a mystery to everyone? Do people still think they are a passing fad? I just read this short blog post that I thought was hilarious. Maybe some of you will enjoy it. It’s about a guy commuting to work and listing his top 10 things overheard while he was working on his Ubuntu loaded laptop. The #4 is the best one, enjoy.

Spam – Not the tasty food in a can

Friday, July 27th, 2007

What is up with all this spam that hits tdh? I mean it use to just be in our email accounts but now it has seeped into our blog site. Shouldn’t there be someone monitoring this shit. It freaking ridiculous. I’m sure you already know the statistics on how much spam goes through the internet daily. But seriously this is out of control though and I think they should make a law or if they have, start enforcing it more maybe. Thats my two and half cents on that.

Discovery: A very large rocket for the 4th!

Wednesday, July 5th, 2006

Yesterday on the 4th of July the Shuttle Discovery lifted off from Cape Canaveral into orbit. Every time I watch a shuttle launch I am simply amazed. I watch the shuttle leave the launch pad and leave our atmosphere. I stair in awe at the representation of mankind’s technological achievement. I get lost in the scale of the operation. The size of the building/vehicals/launchpads the complexity of the everything is simply incredible, and it all works. Granted there are accidents, things fail; with something this complex it will happen. Our hope is that the failure can be mitigated. If you listen to the mission controllers during launch, every step of the way they are calling out where the shuttle will abort to, if anything goes wrong. Unfortunately Columbia and Challenger’s disasters occurred with no chance of saving the crew’s. But we learned from their sacrifices and find solutions.

Our Space exploration was born out of a contest with the old Soviet Union. Now China has set a plan in place to go to Mars and we have picked up their gauntlet. I hope China nor us give up on this ambitious plan. Going to the moon was an unbelievable accomplishment, if either of country gets a man to mars, and returns him to earth, it is the next Everest.