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“Bomb” Scare Boston, Chicago the WORLD!

Thursday, February 1st, 2007

So… ATHF advertisements are threats. HILARIOUS! I figured I would make a comment about this overly publicized POS and beat the dead horse a little more. So I guess simply put it’s now illegal and federal offense of terrorism or terrorism hoax to put up a sign. They aren’t anything more than an electric sign, like a light bright. I understand the need for caution, but some of these have been up for weeks without being noticed. I’d be a little more worried if there was that much panic WEEKS after they were put up. Also, some had already gone missing and now showing up on ebay. Means people saw them, probably laughed and went about their life. Isn’t there any logic being used? Before shutting down the city of Boston and notifying the press, didn’t anyone consider actually taking a look at the “electronic device?” Guess not…

Blog, … Jackass.

Friday, January 5th, 2007

So fine, I’ll blog, why not.  Looks like no one has posted for a while so sure, I can use this to post something fun, insane or just rant some.  Where should I start?  Maybe discuss the obvious news items, predict future on things, comment on society, give advice or just banter on about nothing?  What is the purpose of blog, what should I be doing here, maybe pouring my heart and soul into it, discussing life with the little message block like a diary?  Oh maybe, I should regurgitate something that I read, saw or heard about?  Or maybe this is just giving me something to do while I’m bored or procrastiating something?  So where to start…  I guess this is a blog entry, about… what to blog, what a blog should be, maybe what it shouldn’t be.  Why should anyone even be reading this.  Am I just wasting my time typing away at something no one will give a shit about?  Or is there some cult following of people who wander website to website reading random blogs. 

Well with that, I will share random crap that goes through my monitor to my head.  I was bored, looked up the bio for Steve “O” from Jackass.  Interestingly enough, he is named “Steven Gilchrist Glover.”  He actually attended a University of Miami for a little bit before going to clown college.  Now the really interesting part, points to rumors that his father is actually an executive.  “Ed Glover – Director, Enterprise Security & Customer Engineering, Sun Microsystems.  He was a Senior Manager and a Regional Practice Leader for Price Waterhouse in the area of Security and Business Continuity. Prior to that, Ed was the Chief Security Officer for Del Monte Foods, a subsidiary of RJR Nabisco.” 

Not impossible, but just odd. 

But alas, who knows if this information is true, mostly derived from Wikipedia, I can’t imagine it’s 100% verified.  The little bit of additional research just points back to Wikipedia, quotes or outright steals the entry.  Interesting either way.

Now my thoughts on Jackass.  I have watched most of the Jackass crap out there.  I own the DVDs.  I somewhat enjoy it, does this make me a bad person?  Maybe I just like seeing people do things I would never consider doing.  Or the morbid curiousity of what reactions they get out of people or themselves.  Whatever reason, it’s just stupid humor.  How much is scripted?  I think a good majority for the movie, but for the most part, you give a camera, some cash and beer to some people without a care and see what comes out.